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This is an application which makes the user learn time management when attempting Common Entrance Tests ( CET ). This application consists of a a large structured database of Multiple Choice Questions ( MCQ ), along with the Key. The user can select the Subjects, Chapters, and Time analysis of Exam, Negative marks and the total number of questions to be answered. The results of the Exam written gives the SWOT ( Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats ) analysis for reducing stress.
Student Version: It allows a single student to practice tests with Time management at home to improve the speed of answering, and evaluate absolute merit . This version is available on a CD-ROM with 45,000 questions.

College Version: This version allows the application to be installed on a network of systems, where students can write exams separately and learn Time management and evaluate relative ranking among the students of the institution.

E-PARIKSHA.COM: This version is a web based application where the students from different colleges can write the exam online and secure relative ranking among all students writing the exam.

All the three versions are to be attempted by the students to identify Absolute rank, then achieve a better relative rank, which is the key to success in any CET.

Prasna Patra: This application allows the user to print question papers on a Laser Jet or a Desk Jet printer along with the key of the MCQ from selected subjects, Topics, questions randomly or selectively. This application is extensively useful for all coaching centers catering to CET. Allows Equations & diagrams also to be included in the question paper.


Vaignanic Series

Collection of edutainment cds for sustained knowledge needs of a common man.


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