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Multimedia is all about integrating all sorts of media and presenting them in the right way with a little bit of creativity. We use all our experience and creatitvity to provide the true multimedia services ranging from flash works, graphic designing, printing to 2d animation.

We work with our clients to identify the most appropriate visual communication for their project. Their vision coupled with our experience coordinates our design team to facilitate a wide array of services including:

Flash Presentations / Animations
Corporate logo & Stationary design and printing.
Poster and Brochure design and printing
Interactive CD ROMS
Multimedia presentations
2d & 3d Animation
Concept and Creative Development
Video and Sound Editing

Edutainment = Education + Entertainment . We use multimedia to create educational and knowledge oriented products that will fulfill the educational needs of all. Our Products are designed and developed to create interest in the students to learn the subject for sake of knowledge and not for the sake of exams.

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